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Basic Japanese Calligraphy

Produced by Koizumi 先生

2017- 04 -19 (Wed)  2:30pm-3:30pm
In Shibuya 渋谷  Entry fee ¥3,000

Tokyo-to Shibuya-ku Jinnan 1-11-5
ダイネス壱番館 503 Google MAP
( 1F : Seven Eleven)

Japanese Calligraphy (Shuuji/Shodo)

Shuuji/Shodo is Japanese Traditional Calligraphy. In this class, you will learn "the way of writing"
feeling beauty of KANJI.

Shodo(書道) is spiritual creative art.

How to do that?

Guests will receive an explanation of the writing instruments, and the correct manner in which to sit
and hold the brush. And then one learns the different brush strokes and flicks.