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Cafe Lesson
cafes, offices, homes etc in real

Introduction fee

No registration or introduction fees.

Trial lesson fee

The initial meeting will be a 30 minute trial lesson and 30 minute interview to discuss your needs. The trial lesson fees are also determined by each teacher.

Lesson fees

From ¥2,000/hour
Lesson fees are determined by each teacher from 2,000yen. And the fees cannot be negotiated, so choose your teacher after careful consideration.

Teachers' transportation cost

The transport costs are showed in their offer sheets. The teachers’ transportation cost shall be paid by you through “Sennsei Shoukai Com".

How to pay

Pay your teacher directly in cash. You can decide the payment schedule with your teacher.

Individual or Group?

The total fee stays the same whether the lesson is individual or not. ex.
One person=3,000yen,
Two people=3,000yen(1,500yen each),
Three people=3,000yen (1,000 each)
Please provide students numbers before hand so that teachers can make group lesson plan.

Skype Lesson

Lesson fees for Skype are also determined by each teacher.
Five times lesson fees should be paid to the teacher if you decide to start your lesson.