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I'm offering you Japanese private lessons in Central Tokyo area in Roppongi, Hiroo, Shinjuku, Shibuya and so on. I'm teaching from beginners to JLPT N2. So even if you don't know anything about Japanese and don't know how to read even Hiragana or Katakana, needn’t worry too much. I can teach that from the very beginning. I love teaching and meeting various people and be happy when my students shown me improvement of Japanese level and become fluent to speak Japanese more and more.


ゴルフ(Playing golf) 旅行(Traveling)
グルメ(Eating and searching good food)


I was a secretary before Japanese teacher.

Teaching Japanese

My teaching style is a lots of repetition and practice. I can teach from beginner to advance.
I made many people pass JLPT. I have a lots of materials.
I normally teach with "Communicative Approach".

Location appeal

I live in Nishi-shinjuku. I teach at Azabu, Roppongi area.




Tamiyo-san is a well-versed Japanese teacher. She can speak English fluently, which is very helpful because if you don't understand some lesson, you can ask her straight away and she will clearly explain it in English.



Baba Tamiyo is a really good teacher. The course was adapted to my level of Japanese. As I had previously done all Minna no nihongo exercises, she prepared especially new material for each lesson. If you are looking for a teacher and you are still doubtful you should at least try a trial lesson with her.



not positive about following up. Lessons in places like starbucks are not comfortable



Hello, I had a very good trial with Tamiyo san, we introcued each other, she evaluated my level and propose to me a some ways to reach my goal. It was fun, I enjoyed :)



I have taken intensive classes with Sensei for one week. everything was perfect and in line with expectations.



Timings could not match for trial lessons.


(Expat from USA)

We could not match our needs and decide not to have the trial lesson. She seems a decent teacher and replied my email quickly.



Seem to be a good teacher and experience