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I am currently teaching the Japanese language at schools for language and at the college level. For companies I have also worked as an internal instructor. For my students I can support them for preparation of JLPT levels (N5-N1). I enjoy teaching very much and like to see my students improve their skill and I feel confidence in their smiles of accomplishments ☺


Reading philosophy books, working out, cooking, Aikido


I have been teaching Japanese for 5 years now, as such. I am quite experienced. Other than that, I am a psychotherapist.

Teaching Japanese

I have a master’s degree in law and have studied in graduate schools outside of japan. As such, I am able to communicate directly in English. I try to work on the best way for students and because I am fluent in English we can have good communications as we collaborate on the lessons. I also try to ask questions in order to have them speak more and become more comfortable in the instruction.

Location appeal

I live in Osaka. We can study at my place as well as at a cafe.