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いっしょに たのしく 日本語(にほんご)を 勉強(べんきょう)しましょう!


Reading, Gardening ,Going to the theater
ねこと おちゃが すきです。


I taught Japanese for 3years at a high school in Tokyo.
I received my diploma from the Teaching Japanese Language Institute(420hours)at KEC Japanese Language Institute.

Teaching Japanese

My goal is to get results. Regardless of your level of Japanese ability, if you have the desire to learn I will do my utmost to take you to where you want to be.
With over ten experience and a highly successful track record, I have individualized my lessons to cater for a variety of different student’s needs. Whether it is passing level 1 on the JLPT or a desire to function in Japanese society with a higher degree of linguistic capability. I am confident that my support will allow for a smoother transition.
I have an array of language materials at my disposal and a vast knowledge of Japanese syntax and semantics. I incorporate cultural and linguistic features of Japanese into the learning framework so that your Japanese is appropriate and functional. Let’s go beyond the barriers of “listen and repeat” and dive a little deeper into real Japanese language acquisition.

Location appeal

I offer classes, named IKIIKI, in classrooms located in an office building. The building is conveniently located, so students can walk from Shinsaibashi station. The nearest stations are Nishiohashi station 西大橋駅 or Yotsubashi station 四ツ橋駅.




Patient teacher who is definitely very helpful.



Thanks for the mail. Yes, we are still studying together. My honest assessment would be that: 'I would recommend Ikeda sensei to anyone who wants a serious, school-style teacher for exam preparation or similar. If you want a teacher to have free conversation-style classes, she probably wouldn't be the best choice; however if you want structured classes with a very serious study feel to them, she would be good.' I found the Sensei Shokai to be quite good. I liked the structure. MC



With Ikeda Sensei I feel like I am progressing in areas that I have struggled with previously. Ikeda Sensei is able to focus on my weak areas and create lesson plans to overcome them. Lessons are structured and with a focus on grammar; this is what I requested, and such lessons compliment my self-study perfectly.

講師の返事: 独学できちんと文法を積み上げた学習をしてきたことがよくわかります。 I can clearly see that you have been learning grammar properly by yourself. 私はあなたに例文を示して、文法の弱かった部分を克服できるように指導しました。 I showed you example sentences and taught you to overcome your weak points in grammar. 短期レッスンなのが惜しいです。 I miss the short term lessons. 機会があれば、日本の文化を紹介した読み物を読んだり、助詞に着目した会話レッスンも是非提供させていただきたいです。 If there is an opportunity, I would like to offer to introduce you to reading Japanese culture and conversation lessons focusing on sentence final particles.



I have taken lessons with Ikeda sensei for about a month. So far, I have been very satisfied with her service. I have requested lessons focused on everyday conversations and she always prepares lessons to target this goal. She also makes the best use of the language that emerges in class to provide me with more natural expressions.

講師の返事: Feedback: イアゴさん どうもありがとうございます。 You brought for the second time class (1) Review notes of the content studied in class (2) Writing practice notes I was very impressed with the preparation of these two notebooks. You had mastered the basic grammar,so from now on,let's practice and acquire more natural conversational expressions. I look forward to seeing you progress! あなたの成長(せいちょう)を楽しみにしています!