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Message to leaners

I want to teach Japanese to support that you use Japanese in your work or daily life. I want to get to know foreigners living in Japan through teaching Japanese.


Reading books
Watching movies
Horse back riding


【Work experience as employees 】
Worked for frozen food company as a research staff for 4 years.

【Work experience as a Japanese teacher】
Teached for foreign students at language school for 6.5 years
Teached Career education, Businesses manner and Japanese language for foreign students at vocational school for 7 years.

【The other work experience
Teaching for non-native Japanese teachers how to teach Japanese

Teaching Japanese

I’m good at supporting people who want.....

To improve conversation skills for presentation, interview....etc.
To make Resume in Japanese for job search
To get JLPT license

Location appeal

Tokyo (metropolitan/central area)
Chiba prefecture (north west area...Ichikawa, Matsudo, Kashiwa, Nagareyama, Funabashi)
Ibaraki prefecture (south west area...Toride, Ushiku, Moriya, Shimotsuma)




I had a trial lesson with Horikoshi-sensei yesterday and plan to continue lessons with her. She is a well experienced teacher who was very easy to talk to, and we could plan a flexible lesson style that suits my needs. She came prepared with a lot of worksheets and resources which matched my level, and suggested some useful online practice activities to help me with self study. I can recommend her as a very professional, flexible and resourceful teacher.

講師の返事: ご希望・ご要望にできるだけお応えしていきたいと思います。 これから、よろしくお願い致します!